Off road tours in Mongolia are the ultimate adventure and the best way to experience the truly amazing land and people.
We will also provide with all kind of equipment for the trip.
You will see grassland, snow-capped mountains, volcanic area, lakes, rivers while you are riding. You will visit nomadic families and spend night in their home, felt tent, named as Ger in Mongolian.
Our cars are safely equipped for off-road driving. Experienced and professional staffs will organize your tour and travel with your as your guides.
This kind of tour is for 2-12 days.
We also provide foreign tourists, traveling by their own cars in Mongolia with service for back-up service car, mechanic, tour guide and reliable place to keep their vehicles. If such tourists want to sell their vehicles we can help. Please contact.

Tour types
- Motorcycle Riding Tour
- On-road Motorcycle Tour
- ATV Riding Tour
- Self Drive Tour
- Overlanding tour

We use off-road vehicle
- 4x4 SUV Toyota, Nissan, Land Rover and Russian Military UAZ
- 250-750CC Japanese Motorcycle Yamaha Honda
- 250-650CC ATV Yamaha
- 4x4 Russian military Truck GAZ