Venue: Khuvsgul Lake, Khatgal village, Alag-Erdene soum, Khuvsgul province.

Have you ever dream of experiencing one of the coldest, but still mild winter of the earth?
Or would you want to explore a mystery of how nomads survive with their 5 snouts of pastoral animals within temperature as drops as minus 30 degrees? Or want you have an extraordinary experience as riding Mongolian horse or enjoying horse sleigh in the snow covered vast white steppe? Perhaps you are missing a natural black ice which is about 1.5m thick. And want you skate on it?

ICE FESIVAL 2016 date: / 03/03/2016 at Modot bulan Khuvsgul lake 

You can find all your winter dreams come true in Mongolia during its Ice Festival! Participation to the Ice Festival at the Lake Khuvsgul surely offers unbelievable memories to you. The famous "Ice Festival" will be held at the same time than the International Skating Event as included some interesting activities of shamanic live performance, sumo wrestling on the ice, competition of horse sleighs and driving on the ice, as well as offering great opportunities to take part in optional trips of dog sledding, horse sleighing, horse riding, visiting reindeers and nomad families and many more...


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